What’s involved and what are my options?

In New York City, cremation involves several steps, mostly consisting of paperwork and signatures. Additionally, there are many options according to the type of cremation services you choose.

What are the different types of cremation services?

  • Direct or Simple Cremation
    In a Direct Cremation, also known as Simple Immediate Cremation, the deceased is taken from the place of death to the funeral home and then to crematory without any services or gathering.
    For more information on Direct Cremation, visit directcremationnyc.com.
  • Simple Farewell
    This type of simple cremation service allows immediate relatives / friends to participate in a brief gathering lasting an hour or two. Another option would be for just a few loved ones who choose to make an identification or say their last goodbye prior to the cremation taking place.
  • Family gathering, private or with friends.
    In New York City, many people are accustomed to a gathering prior to the final disposition of cremation. It is a well received way of allowing friends and family to come together to comfort one another, to share memories, to have a service. This is be done prior to the cremation. Another option would be in the form of a memorial service or celebration of life gathering at the funeral home or venue of your choice, which can be done after the cremation takes place, with or without the ashes present. Ask about the many technologically advanced options available to enrich these choices.

What do I need to know when selecting cremation in New York City?

New York City, as with many major cities in the United States, has certain requirements and regulations. Among the most important factors which your cremation provider will discuss with you and provide with guidance are…..

  • Paperwork, Permits and Authorized Signatures
    NYC’s Department of Health, Office of the Chief Medical Examiner, Public Administrator’s Office, Crematories and many other agencies require certain documentation to be properly completed prior to cremation.  Additionally, there are several cremation authorizations that require signatures and notarization from the  nearest of kin, executor / executrix or agent in charge
  • Timing Issues
    Depending on the place or manner of death, refrigeration might be required. Time constraints due to where the death may have occurred, awaiting cremation clearance from the Chief Medical Examiner’s Office, obtaining cremation permits, obtaining proper authorizations for the death certificate to be completed, and holidays or certain days the crematory is closed are all factors.
  • Cause of Death
    In certain cases, a person’s manner of death may require further investigation to determine the official cause of death.

How do I get started?

There are multiple options to consider when you begin the cremation process. The most crucial thing to remember is to call upon a trusted, established funeral home that can patiently answer all your questions about options and prices, respond quickly and provide what you choose in your time of need at a fair and reasonable cost. The impression you get from the funeral director you speak to on the phone is key to the process of choosing the right cremation provider.

To begin, the necessary paperwork must be filed.  To make the process easier, these options are available:

  • Funeral Home Arrangements
  • FedEx of Paperwork
  • In-Home Arrangements

Need More Information?  Have Questions?  Need to Prearrange Cremation Services?