Cremation is a popular choice in Manhattan

Today, more and more people are selecting cremation as a method of final disposition in New York City.  Simply put, cremation is an economically viable alternative to traditional burial and has quickly becoming accepted and embraced.

How popular is cremation in New York City?

In 2000, the cremation rate in New York City was 20.32%.  In 2014, the cremation rate more than doubled to 42.6%.

As the trend continues to grow, New Yorkers are likely to continue selecting cremation as an affordable alternative to traditional earth burial.
(Statistics provided by CANA, Cremation Association of North America)

What are the reasons people choose cremation over traditional burial?

Affordability, Simplicity, Eco-consciousness and adhering to the requests of the family and the decedent are primary reasons people select cremation.

Are there multiple service options with cremation?

With cremation, families are often not aware of the many options that are available when it is selected. A very private or public gathering at the funeral home, personalized memorial services, celebration of life services, scattering of ashes-at-sea (with or without family and friends attending), or interring / entombing the cremated remains (ashes) are a few examples of choices with cremation.

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